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Jessica Arseneau

Published writings

Weaponizing Precarity: An Interview With Rm Vaughan, Visual Arts News, Summer Issue 2020

I interviewed RM Vaughan, author of Bright Eyed: Insomnia and Its Cultures (one of several acclaimed books), on the theme of precarity in the art world.

Exhibition catalogs, analyses, publications

Ann-Katrin Günzel, Exkurse, KUNSTFORUM International, no. 284: Arkadien in der Krise, 2022

A coherent analysis of my work Aurora by writer and art critic Ann-Katrin Günzel was published in KUNSTFORUM International's issue Arkadien in der Krise, an edition tackling landscapes in the Anthropocene.


Publication of group exhibition Perfiction at Gallery 301 in Seoul

Text by Joachim Blank & Fabian Bechtle and a text of my own writings, printed in 2018

Operation Grenze

Publication of group exhibition Operation Grenze at Memorial of Geman Division Marienborn, printed in 2018

Jessica Arseneau - Mille fois rien / Lost idyll [ REVIEW ]

A texte by Mikel Otxoteko published in the publication of Traverse Vidéo, 2016

Elabourer des projets

A texte by Marie Vandendorpe published in the publication of Traverse Vidéo, 2016