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Jessica Arseneau


Aurora   Aurora   untitled   untitled

Aurora 2, Aurora, Aurora 3, Aurora 4, 2022

Archival pigment prints

140 x 100 cm

The soft gradient and the smoke in Aurora show the brief moment when a steel plant in Duisburg lights up the night sky in Germany’s Ruhr area. The subtle glow of the sky occupies most of the image’s surface, emphasizing the light pollution that makes the work nearly minimal.

Aurora is the name of the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. When the first light of dawn becomes visible, she announces the sun’s arrival. Between the romantic notion of a reddish sky at sunrise and the image’s reality, Aurora is also a reflection on the illusion of permanence and what seems inexhaustible.


Kara Handgraaf, Falk Messerschmidt, Felix Möser, Brad Todd, Ringlokschuppen Ruhr and Urbane Künste Ruhr