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Jessica Arseneau

Lost Idyll

Lost Idyll


2 channels digital video


Alternately one or two images projected side by side, this video installation shows a woman transporting a cumbersome scaffolding through various spacious landscapes and an autumnal forest. Entering the field of one projection and going out of the other, this woman makes a Sisyphean movement, repeating from a place to another in a continuous mobility.

Ephemeral structures composing our urban landscape, the scaffolding characterize the spectacle of the everyday life and is a common figure of our collective imaginary. The loneliness of this woman, in the context of this double fallow space of the field and the forest, refers to the difficulty commonly felt by all to project itself in the future, by definition indeterminate. While this woman continues to walk, an ambiguity stands out between the object suggesting a fixity and this perpetual passage. It recalls the everyday systematization that opposes itself to what is at the most transitory and indefinitely unfinished.


Normand Forget to whom this project is dedicated

and to

Léandre Bourgeois

Jean-Francois Boisvenue

Martine Brisson

Jérôme Décarie

Éric Delarue

Jean-François Desaulniers

Claude Desbiens

Violaine Gauvreau

Élodie Lançon

Will Niava

Julie Perron

Marc-Yvan S. Poitras

Martin Skorek

Carl Surprenant

Lost Idyll (2015) is distributed by Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV) :