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Jessica Arseneau




Photo credits: Jaewon Kim

Orange, Blue!, 2022

Led Installation

Variable dimensions

Orange, Blue!, 2022 was conceived for the group exhibition Approaching the Unknown, which had the central theme of the planet Mars.

The work Orange, blue! first referred to the color spectrum of Earth's sunset and that on Mars. While we experience warmtoned dusk on Earth, that on Mars is blue due to the atmospheric components of the planet.

Interestingly, these light spectra influence the rhythm of biological beings: blue frequencies like those of the sun in broad daylight stimate us, while this effect is reduced with warm frequencies. We therefore use orange filters in order to reduce the blue light from screens and devices, allowing us both to continue our activities without disrupting the circadian rhythm. Also, a cooler neon color will keep employees awake and allow for extended night shifts.

The light installation oscillates between blue and orange in slow transitions to white.

DMX programming: thanks to Guillaume Arseneault for technical support



Photo credits: Tim Albrecht

Approaching the Unknown, group exhibition views, Galerie der HFBK, Hamburg

The exhibition: